Arlindo "AJ" Jardin, an independent truck owner/operator who has been driving for over 36 years and is the inventor and co-owner of Valvepal Company.

From April to June he ran a total of 42,859 miles using 6,212.3 gallons of diesel fuel with an idle time of 31.7 hours and an average speed of 52.7mph and averaging 6.899 mpg.

While at the mid America trucking show, AJ met David Kountz, a fellow exhibitor at the Louisville, KY truck show. David's company fleet-air filters make high-flow washable air filters that are designed to increase airflow and improve performance and mileage. Aj explained to David that when cat changed from the 425 hp engine to the 600 hp they had never re-fitted the air filters to accommodate the large size engine; the results were that the 600 hp would always experience restriction as long as it was running with the standard filters. After talking with David, AJ was convinced that making that change to high-flow air filters was his next step and fleet air filters was his choice. He also liked that fact that fleet air filters was an American made product something that is an important factor in valvepal products as well. He installed the new high-flow air filters in July with two immediate results. With the fleet air filters he went from 9" of restriction on the stock filter to 2" of restriction with the fleet air. He also noticed a difference in pulling grades. On the whole, he was quite impressed. From July to September, AJ ran a total of 35,314 miles, using 4,817.7 gallons of fuel with an idle time of 36.8 hours and an average speed of 52.8 mph. With the addition of the fleet air filter he had gained an increase of .431 mpg bringing his new mileage to 7.330 mpg. This was the largest increase in a three month period he had ever achieved. Movinout.com

"I just wanted to take a moment to give you an update on one of our trucks. We installed it (fleet air filter) on a 2002 Kenworth t600 with a Cummins engine and an auto-shift transmission. After one month in service, fuel mileage increased from 6.75mpg to 7.6 mpg, at $2.52 per gallon it saved us $345 in just one month on one truck. Just wanted to express our satisfaction with your product. I will update you again after our entire fleet is changed over.

Chad Hall

VP Halls brothers trucking


"My 1.5 million mile FLD came alive tonight with the install of a fleet air filter." Scott Olson



"I installed my fleet air filters on 9/20/10 and gained 2 tenths of a mile per gallon, I went from 6.85 to 7.05. One thing i noticed was the sound of the turbo, it has a slightly higher pitch like the air is moving faster." Matt Jungbluth 



 "Put in a fa3518 filter first thing i noticed was i would hear air being pulled in, and the next was the performance. Now comes the mileage, was at 6mpg just checked it and i am not at 6.89mpg weight 75000 lbs. and had 20 hours of idle time this trip without idle time around 8.3 mpg." Dan Guise (Facebook)


Jose decided to switch from the "other guys", he called the office within 30 minutes letting us know at how much of a difference he could feel.